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The Duopoly's Rigged Ballots, Rigged National Debate and Fleecing Of The Taxpayers


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Feb 1, 2010
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I received my copy today in the mail of the duopoly’s primary elections ballot.

Why they bothered to send me that sample ballot is preposterous and crooked.

I’m a registered “libertarian” (small l) in my state. Therefore I’m not eligible to vote in either the Democrat’s or the Republican’s primaries.

Never-mind that I’m a taxpaying citizen who’s tax dollars are used by the state and localities therein to print up the “PRIVATE PARTY” duopoly’s ballots for them. The polling places used by the duopoly are taxpayer’s public buildings. The utilities and voting machinery/ballots/voting booths and alike all are the property of and paid for by the taxpayers.

Meanwhile no other “PRIVATE” third political parties seem to be entitled to such state and local government gratuities/services at taxpayer’s expense. They hire their own facilities and pay for their own voting applications.

Furthermore, the duopoly gets to make the rules as to who can qualify for the national debate. Who gave them that authority? Why does main stream media do the duopoly’s bidding and obey their rules? Where’s the MSM with the guts to put on a national debate with every candidate for the Presidency that is on enough ballots in the election to have a mathematical possibility to win enough electoral votes to become President?
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