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The Death of the Neocons


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Aug 27, 2005
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As opposed to the first Bush term of office, his second is seeing a more pragmatic approach to foreign policy. While the administration is still ranting about Iran, their options are pretty much now limited, as more reasonable forces within the administration are taking over. As opposed to the Neocon stranglehold on policy during the first term, Condi Rice is as much determined to place her own stamp on foreign policy as the Neocons were before. Why are Neocon influences fading?

1) A good example can be made of Larry Franklin, who was one of the Neocon darlings of Bush's first term. Where is he today? He is a parking lot attendant at a slot car racing store in Virginia, while waiting to begin a 12 year sentence for passing classified information to Israeli lobbyists.

2) Cheney is hamstrung by the Libby scandal. Libby was his right hand man, and Cheney is also spending his time defending himself from assertions that he assisted in trying to destroy Wilson, and leaked classified material in trying to accomplish that end.

3) Rumsfeld is having his wings clipped by Condoleeza Rice, and his own sphere of power is beginning to ebb.

4) The Project for the New American Century is fading, as Francis Fukiyama, and other core members have left, no longer believing in PNAC's mission.

5) Although President Bush is still talking tough about the middle east, he is beginning to moderate somewhat from the hard line he took in his first term, and is now even talking about an Iraq pullout, ready to claim victory in the war, while Islamic hardliners, allied with Iran, are ready to take over the nation.

6) David Safavian is under indictment for attempting to derail the Abramoff investigation. Other Neocons in the administration are now laying low.

All these signs can only point in one direction. The days of the Neocons are about to come to an end in Washington. What is next? Judging by the mood of Republicans on Capitol hill, a movement is starting that will end up taking the party back from the parasites that infected it. A bad period in America's history is about to come to an end.

Where does Bush figure in all of this? He might have been the man who brought the Neocons to power, but Bush also has a history of political pragmatism, which was quite evident when he was governor of Texas. He is now in the process of cutting the Neocons loose. Maybe, like his father, Bush has finally realized that the Neocons really were 'the crazies in the basement". Bush returning to his pragmatic roots is a good move, and I applaud it.

Based on this article.
Note: Its censorship gone mad when you cannot print someone's name without asterisks appearing. And I did not even spell that 4 letter word correctly. LOL. Hmmmm. Will this board also censor dick cheney's name? Just checked. Looks like references to phalluses are still allowed. LOL.

Talk about incredible timing in the creation of this thread :)

Francis ***iyama, who was one of the Neocon architects of PNAC, and authored the book "The End of History", has just made a statement that Neoconservatism has failed the United States, and needs to be replaced with a more realistic foreign policy. ***iyama also has this to say:

1) That the doctrine of Neoconservatism is in shambles.

2) That the war in Iraq is the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3) That the architects of the Iraq war wrongly conflagrated the threat from Iraq.

4) ***iyama confirms the references to this administration as Busheviks with the following statement:

Going further, he says the movements' advocates are Leninists who "believed that history can be pushed along with the right application of power and will. Leninism was a tragedy in its Bolshevik version, and it has returned as farce when practised by the United States".
All this from one of PNAC's own heaviest hitters.

Buh bye, Busheviks. Your time is over. You had your chance and blew it in a big way. Time for real Conservatives to take back the reigns of the Republican Party, restore sanity to government, and for the RINO Neocons to fade into history.

Article is here.
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