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The Death of Moral Values and Niavety (1 Viewer)


Sep 23, 2005
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Appeasement does not work. Forget about the moral objections to it, about the humiliations it has brought to our governments and to ourselves; just think of the practicalities. Clinton and his West European counterparts did nothing for more than three years and watched as more than 250,000 people were killed. It took a few weeks of bombing in the late summer of 1995 to let the Serbs know that there was, surprisingly, a limit to the forbearance of our leaders, that they really should settle for half of Bosnia, which they did. Our leaders could have demanded far, far more in the name of justice, could have done far more in the name of justice, but chose not to. Rather than trying to prevent crime, our leaders acted as accomplices to the crimes. In their desire to stop the war on terms acceptable to Milosevic, they abandoned their promises never to reward ethnic cleansing. They appeased. They also overlooked an important lesson in history. Peace is not guaranteed by a thick treaty or enforcement troops; it is guaranteed by justice.

In Memoriam

Our Commitments,
Principles, niavety and moral values
Died: Bosnia, 1995
On The Occasion of the 1,000th Day
Of The Seige of Sarajevo

May God, wipe the tears from the people of Bosnia.

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