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The Dark side of baseball.


Klattu Verata Nicto
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May 19, 2005
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I was recently apalled when I opened the sports pages and read a story of a little league coach who allegedly bribed one of his players to hit another of his players in an attempt to injure the child so he couldn't play. What makes me ill about this is that the child is autistic and because the coach is very competitive, they believe that the coach intentionally wanted the child to become inactive because of a "must play minimum" rule. I really hope that this was just a misunderstanding and that the coach is being honest when he says that he didn't pay the other child 25$ to injure the disabled child, but in our modern day of W-D-L minded coaching styles, I wouldn't put it past him.
I thought it was pretty dickless so do that to a retarded child, but you have to admit it's pretty funny. As long as everyone's OK after it happened, I think I would've laughed pretty hard had I been watching the coach try to explain what to do to the kid and hand him the $$.
ive played at every level up to college and little league was definitely the most hardcore.
FiremanRyan said:
ive played at every level up to college and little league was definitely the most hardcore.
I love baseball and little league/college are supposed to be pure and fun, it sickens me to see parents or coaches who treat every non-pro sporting event as if it's a life or death situation(esp. baseball), two problems, coaches who take the game more seriously than the little leaguer's development and parents who expect their kids to play at a pro level and at all times to relive their own dreams, it's time for adults to stop trying to live through their kids and just let the little one's and school athletes just "play ball".
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