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The D’s Failure to Convert their Rapist President Clinton Problem

The Democrats will try to twist their 30-year love affair and aggressive defense of Bill Clinton... but...

The Republicans are not having a Clinton moment.

The Republicans have jettisoned Moore publicly.

The Socialists of America Partei (SAPs) aggressively defended a rapist and perjurer, then elevated him and his equally vile wife to Party Royalty status, and did so for 30-years. (It will make a wonderful book).

I understand SAPs have been blindsided... as SAPs and the Goebbels Inspired Media Propagandists (GIMPs) have begun exposing and dumping the Clintons after 30-years of service.

The SAPs abort the unborn, sell their body parts, and now are aborting the old, used and abused.

What a party.

You SAPs sold your soul to criminality. Now your chickens... are coming home... to roost.

The Clintons are what happens... when you have no moral compass.
:prof Memo to Zimmer: It's November of 2017.
Rogue Valley;bt4268 said:
:prof Memo to Zimmer: It's November of 2017.

Yes it is, and after 30-years, the Socialists of America Partei (SAPs), their propaganda arm... the Goebbels Inspired Media Propagandists (GIMPs), the FemiNazi’s and supporters are having to come to terms with aggressively defending a rapist and perjurer for all this time.

I realize it is difficult, and I also realize the SAPs, GIMPs, and their supporters wake up every day as if history does not exist... but like gravity... it does.

And like gravity, it has its consequences when you believe you can defy it. The SAPs, GIMPs and their supporters have elevated the rapist/perjurer and his criminal wife Hillary to exalting heights... now the fall is rapid, and should be fatal...

... but like the jackal... the GIMPs will do all they can to assist the SAPs... as they always have done.

Of course, there will be their followers, devoid of a moral compass who will try their utmost to defend the rapist/perjurer and his complicit, criminal wife.
What are they up to now on a personal level? 157?
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