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The crazy aspects of Democracy in India


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Oct 7, 2013
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We take pride in flaunting ourselves as the citizens of a Democratic country. However, it is quite funny to admit that we are residing in one such country where the essence Democracy is in such an utter nuisance. Welcome to India, a land where people elect their leaders to torture them once they come into power. Welcome to India, where you have to pay bribe for an official. Welcome to India, where women are considered mere objects to be abused. They worship, Goddes Durga or Lakshmi, yet they do not stop raping innocent girls every now and then. The Dharam Gurus preach on many religious aspects yet shameless indulge in many immoral acts. In the name of honour killing, many lives are sacrificed every now and then. Despite all these, we still love to flaunt ourselves as citizens of a Democratic country. Ironic don’t you think?
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