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The clouds are gathering over Armenia!



The fact is that Azerbaijan and Georgia are negotiating about barring of Russian military equipment transference in Armenia. As I understand these negotiations have idea to block Russian military equipment in Georgia with following division in between Georgia and Azerbaijan. Well, Georgia needs this military equipment for autonomies suppression but Azerbaijan needs it for Karabakh seizure. We are under the blockade! In Georgia Saakashvili’s regime oppress Armenians and violates their rights too. I think that we need to use Armenian lobby in the United States for transformation of Russian military base in Georgian Ahalkalaki into a terrorism combat center. By this way we could kill two birds by one stone. It will hold in the aggression form Meskhetin Turks because Tbilisi is going to settle them near Armenian enclave Djavakheti. I don’t know exactly if it could stop all national conflicts in the Caucasus but for Armenians it will be more secure!
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