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The Case for the Resurrection is Stronger Than You Might Think...


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May 28, 2017
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J. Warner Wallace is interviewed by Paul Strand of CBN News for this video recorded at the Truth For A New Generation Conference prior to Easter weekend. J. Warner discusses the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus along with Josh McDowell and Alex McFarland.


1. Applying current medical knowledge to stories written in a book does not convert fiction into "evidence," especially where the first historical evidence for the existence of those stories comes from at least a hundred years after the event they were supposed to record.

2. The bit about "OMG, some Jews started worshipping on Sunday but sabbath was important, and the story says Sunday was the day of the week the magic happened" is simply retarded. Naturally, anyone converting from a religion that said to do jack on Sunday to a religion that says go worship on Sunday is....

.....wait for it....

...is going to start worshipping on Sunday.
That they chose to convert has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the basis of conversion is rooted in truth, rather than myth. All it indicates is the fervency of their belief. But speaking of science, the degree to which a person believes something is true has no relation to the probability of its truth. This has been tested extensively with eyewitness identification testimony, for example.

It just ended in bible quotes. None of this is anything close to "evidence." In fact, there never will be evidence that it actually happened. There weren't video recording devices back then (and even videos can be faked; hence all the UFO sighting crap). The closest you could come is that a bunch of religious converts started saying it happened. That isn't evidence that it happened. It's evidence that an increasing number of people believed it happened. And what do we know about belief?

Right. That it's irrational and has no bearing on the veracity of what is believed.

I probably shouldn't have the wasted time but hey...I was a bit bored. Thank you for demonstrating yet again that there is absolutely no point trying to have a rational conversation on the subject of faith, unless perhaps that conversation is about testable things like the way faith may affect a population's behavior over time.
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