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The Candidates on the IMF Economic Reform Agenda


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Oct 17, 2007
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With the IMF having just concluded its Article IV Consultation with the United States, I decided to take a quick look to see how the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees fare with regard to the IMF's recommendations.


Note 1: Largely Unfunded. The IMF expects the programs to be funded from new revenues and/or reallocation of existing spending.
Note 2: Expanded investment for universal pre-K education and job training.
Note 3: Proposes the establishment of an infrastructure bank.
Note 4: Calls for a minimum wage hike.
Note 5: Current proposals concern job training, higher minimum wage, and targeted tax relief.
Note 6: Has vowed to rescind existing trade agreements including NAFTA, reject the TPP and T-TIP, and has threatened to impose substantial tariffs against China, Mexico, and Japan.
Note 7: Implied infrastructure investment. Stated, “We will build the greatest infrastructure on the planet earth—the roads and railways and airports of tomorrow” and “Inner cities…will finally be rebuilt.”


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