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The Budget: What a lost opportunity


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Dec 6, 2015
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The Turnbill government lost the opportunity to carry out reform of Australia's direction. There is an obscession with deficits without realising that it is the purpose of the expenditure that is important, investing in inferstructure should not be counted as part of the deficit, debt that provides inferstructure is not bad, but hopes were pinned in technology flowing from defense contracts. The opportunity was also lost to address negative gearing. there seems to be no basic understanding that you should not be given a tax deduction where there is no intention of making a profit, where the intention is to game the system. the government moved to attack multi nationals for gaming the system but would not address a more basic error
Turnbull is not a leader he is all show and no substance and Billy boy has a vary good chance of winning this election
I think it might be a case of Turnbill loosing, not Billy winning. Let us get it straight, they are both losers, both Turncoats who undermined leadership
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