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The British scum are to blame for their own demographic displacement - Damian Green


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Sep 16, 2009
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Loathsome slug Damian Green continues Labour's policy of slapping the British people across the face:

Unwilling Brits fuel high rates of UK immigration | Canada Updates

The lying, smug threadworm knows full well the reason why firms prefer to employ hordes of coolie labour is because they can pay them less and afford them far fewer employment rights.

But Mr. Green's ludicrous attitude also fits the mandatory politically-correct agenda very neatly.

Blaming whitey is fashionable, politically correct and downright easy - and whilst not all immigrants are non-white (just ask the Poles), the handy sub-text of piling the guilt and woe onto families here for countless generations is catered for!

For example...
if non whites end up in jail..."the judges are racist",
if non whites fail academically..."the teachers are racist",
if non whites are stop-searched or arrested more often.. "the police are racist",
if ethnics are turned down for a job.. "the employers are racist", and so on and so forth.

(Just the two links today because it's too depressing to think about: http://www.politic.co.uk/education/10533-whites-blame-poor-black-academic-performance.html,

http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=e...+black+magistrate&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai= )

Won't somebody rid us of these turbulent priests?! The cult of 'PC' has poisoned even those you could once trust, so no wonder the BNP make so much hay whilst the sun shines!
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Re: The British scum are to blame for their own demographic displacement - Damian Gre

And to continue on the subject of Tory treason...

“Transport Minister Philip Hammond is cooking up secret plans to make pensioners wait an extra five years for a free bus pass. This move will deeply embarrass David Cameron, who dismissed Labour allegations that the Tories would slash free bus travel as 'pure and simple lies' during the election campaign.

“Virtually every day comes another untruth, misleading statement or broken promise.

“During the election campaign the Tories noisily denied they had any plans to raise VAT - then George Osborne lifted it by 2.5 per cent to 20 per cent at the first opportunity.

“The Tories have reneged on their manifesto commitments to cut inheritance tax, to protect motorists against volatile oil prices through a 'fuel tax stabiliser', to dump Labour's Digital Economy Act, to replace the Human Rights Act - and much else besides,” Mr Oborne wrote.

Government by deceit: Not a day goes by without the Coalition breaking election pledges. They could TRULY be Blair's heirs | Mail Online

With developments directly contradicting the usual Left Wing lies that the Tories are any kind of 'nasty party', the NuLab-lites have gone out of their way to out-do Labour in their efforts to betray their grassroots voters, betray Britain and betray any decent and rational sense of fair place and common decency.

Even before Bullingdon Bertie became the 'heir to Blair', the rot set in. I remember being shocked when, during the 1990s, that odious witch Teresa May gave Tory grassroots voters a spectacular dressing-down at their party conference. She accused them of being to blame for what even she called the Nasty Party image and essentially claimed they had to be trendy, conviction-free PMT-ridden mingebags like her.

After Harridan Hateman's heart even then!


Anyway, the question should be who do we consider voting for next if we wish to see a non-PC and non-gutless political party enjoy a bit of power?

For example, if Camer-loon wants to zero in only on specific sections of an alienated electorate for Marxist brownie points, there should be a bit less dangling a carrot over the ballot box for the ethnic minorities and a bit more thought on how to tackle the elephant in the room which is exploding black crime.

Why not give them all bananas and tea-cosy hats to REALLY patronise them: YouTube - David Cameron Addresses Black Britain

TottenhamLad: The savage path from Knoxville to Tottenham Hale - Hmm, suppose it's 'racist' to put too much effort into caging the beasts!

Police ‘still unfairly target black people’ | News .. Yep, thought so!

GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY YOU LEFTARDS, to use a Biblical phrase: New police figures linking crime and race only prove racial bias :: People with Voices

By talking frankly about black crime, Rod Liddle is combatting racism, not causing it – Telegraph Blogs

London is roughly 15 per cent black, and while accounting for a disproportionate number of crimes in all areas, black people do commit an absolute majority of street robberies (well over 60 per cent) and an overwhelmingly majority of gun crimes, as well as a large proportion of sex offences (if one only includes the London postal area, those percentages rise sharply).

Recognising it is the first step to recovery Left!
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