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The baby monitor

Well, I guess I'm happy with the baby monitor. In my last blog, I related a bad experience with it -- the first night. Caused me to nightmare. But last night and early this morning were different.

It has a real sensitive audio and picks up mom's voice very well. At 2 AM this morning, it woke me up with her voice. After seeing that she was safely in bed, I laid there a few minutes to see what had awakened me.

Mom was praying. Very simply. Very child-like. Over and over the same thing: Lord, you are so good. We love you so much. Help us now. And then she slipped in, "I'm sooo thirsty. Please Lord, give me some water."

Well! Now THAT I could do something about. So I got up with a smile, walked into her room, and gave her a great big glass of water. Do you suppose that's how all the rumors started?? Baby monitors?? To the clouds?? Hahaha!

I've been up since 6:15 this morning, and Mom's talking to herself. "Pretty kitty." Calling for her sister who died 15 years ago. Talking about the weather she sees out the bedroom window. Her own little world.

I just went in there and said, "Mom, it's sooo early. I'll get you up in 45 minutes." "Okay, honey." She peacefully drifted off to sleep.

I'm dreading today. It's going to be busy. The cleaning lady is coming, the physical therapist is coming to do an evaluation, and the podiatrist is coming to cut her nails. But still, it beats to death going to the nursing home every day.

This was the right decision.

So far.
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