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The attack of the hoaxers


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Feb 17, 2019
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They come to a planet. They supplant the 1% of the most powerful population in the country with the strongest economy on that planet.
They wipe out its economy as fast as they can with the shortest techniques they are capable of applying.
When the wise say there is no solution, the price of the shares of their companies falls, which they buy almost for free.
Then, they launch hoaxes so that the idiots buy those shares at a higher price than they had before the hoax.
Once the hoax has ceased to take effect, because another has been launched, they buy the shares of their companies again at a much lower price, thereby entering the difference between what they were worth when the hoax was taking effect and when it was stopped doing it, and wait while they prepare the next one.
By the time they have acquired all the assets of the country, they acquire oval or circular plots in which to install prefabricated houses or caravans and take 99% of the plundered population to live there.
They build stands around them to attend with popcorn, snacks, cokes ... and see, from those stands, how the looted insult each other:
-Loser! Failed!
-Fox! Bitch!
Finally, they drop nuclear bombs to completely destroy the planet and leave no witnesses and they go to the next planet.
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Who are "They"?
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