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The Anti-Muslim Hatred In This Country (1 Viewer)

I just got word that an American Muslim friend of mine was jumped by a bunch of racist assholes in his home town and beaten savagely. Thankfully, he is okay. However, this brings to mind my feelings on the anti-Muslim bigots in this country who spout their uninformed hatred and in many cases use their hatred to perpetrate violence on others.

I'm thoroughly sick and tired of it. The people who harbor these ignorant feelings truly have no idea what they are talking about and base their hatred on the most poorly constructed stereotypes imaginable. Seriously, do some research yourself and find out how wrong you are. This isn't a Christian country, nor does any other religion own this country. This is a country that is based in diversity and we need to be open minded enough to realize that we are all in this together. Just because a person is Muslim doesn't mean that they don't love this country just as much as you do.
i agree whole heartedly.

i'm sorry to hear about your friend. i hope that he will be ok.

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