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The Afghanistan War is in decline mode but is that what we really need?

Ok, believe me when I say that I really do want all the troops out of Afghanistan. I want my friends and relatives to come back as soon as possible. But this isn't just any ordinary war we're fighting. We are fighting a fanatic group based on killing as many Americans as possible in as little time as possible. Obama says that we're going to be out of there in 2014 and that the Afghan military is going to start taking care of the problem by themselves. But this isn't going to work. Because this is a terrorist group, they won't just surrender until we are at their Reichstag, have fought to the top, and replaced their flag with our own. Even if we have to be there for 10-20 more years, it would be worth it to say there are no more fanatis groups, no more terrorists, and no more Al-Qaeda left for us to defend from. Like I said, I want the troops home more than almost anyone, but it may not be the best thing for us, being the defenders in this war, to do.


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Feb 4, 2012
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Reichstag...? Seriously...? Do you really think this is the same type of war? This is a guerilla war, not a territory war. There is no terrorist supreme headquarters that we need to capture to "win". There isn't even a "win" when you're fighting an ideology.

Secondly, the majority of the people we are fighting in afghanistan are the taliban, who aren't terrorists. They're hardcore traditional muslims that want to keep their society in the stone age, but the taliban hasn't perpetrated any terrorist attacks.

The 15 months I spent there as an infantryman showed me that not only are we not winning the war, but it's not a winnable war to begin with. We've been there 11 years, and both that and Iraq have drastically added to our debt. There comes a time when you need to cut your losses and focus on your own country. How many wars do you know that lasted 20-30 years that worked out "great" for either of the parties involved?
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