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The 3 archers were amazing - London Olympic 2012

South Korea won the Olympic women's team archery title for the seventh consecutive time. Since 1988, for 24 years, Korea has maintained the top position in archery. I wonder what the secret is behind this phenomena.

In the typical fickle British weather, the rain and wind came hard in throughout the match, which made the match difficult, but the Korean archers showed superb concentration, and grasped their own victory.
The 3 archers were amazing... I almost fell in love with them.
So, I've been told that of the 40 countries that participated in archery this London Olympics, the coaches of 11 countries are Korean. This was shocking...
Nowadays when it comes to archery, it is almost as if Korea is the first thing that comes up to my mind. Anywho, the individual division is still to come. I hope Korea can do well.


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Jul 6, 2010
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Great, now i can die a happy man. :roll:
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