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The 2016 Election Cycle: Why It's So Different


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Mar 31, 2016
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It's easy to get caught up in the personalities and the horse race of every election cycle. In fact, that's what most of our "news' covers these days. Behind the glossy, made-for-TV sound bites and squabbles that drive the Daily Drama of our Lives, there are interesting forces at work in this year's election that I believe make it special and unique.

Specifically, the phenomenons of Trump and Sanders point to an "undercurrent of the underwhelmed" that transcends traditional party lines, and points to a real gap in design of our two-party political system. Can two parties really cover all the bases? In other democracies, there are far more mainstream parties than just two!

Economics are likely the reason why we've distilled our system into only two, but now that economics are precarious for an increasing number of people in our country, one has to wonder if we're going to see more political parties in the future.

To this end, here's my assessment of the 2016 race from a platform perspective, and why math helps us identify what's missing in our party system today:

Between the Columns: The 2016 election: Why it's so different


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