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Thanks Obama for new NASA Focus

NASA and climate science has predicted that CO2 would cool the upper atmosphere. This information is at least four years old ...

... a fundamental prediction of climate change theory is that the upper atmosphere will cool in response to increasing carbon dioxide. As the atmosphere cools the density will decrease, which ultimately may impact satellite operations through decreased drag over time.

The SABER dataset is the first global, long-term, and continuous record of the Nitric oxide (NO) and Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the thermosphere.

"We suggest that the dataset of radiative cooling of the thermosphere by NO and CO2 constitutes a first climate data record for the thermosphere," says Mlynczak.
NASA - Quiet Sun Means Cooling of Earth's Upper Atmosphere | Dec 17, 2009
Do any of you so-called skeptics know what the thermosphere is?

Does that somehow negate what the NASA material says?

A cooling upper atmosphere is consistent with an increase in the greenhouse effect. It's really, really hilarious how you'd ask in another thread "doesn't anyone understand science?" and then think this information is somehow contradictory to AGW. :lamo
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