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Terrorism according to Trump logic


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Jun 11, 2009
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The number of "aliens of special interest" who could possibly be terrorists apprehended at the border in 2017.


Only Six People on Terrorism List Stopped at Mexico Border | Fortune

The number of foriegn terrorists who attacked the US who came into the country through legal airports, seaports, and landports.

All of them.


So...by Trump logic you shut down the government to fund a wall to fight terrorism.



Excessive absences by TSA officers currently working without pay have "adversely impacted security operations" at a southern California airport, a high-ranking Transportation Security Administration official wrote Monday in an internal email obtained by CNN.

The email from Martin Elam, the deputy federal security director overseeing five California airports, directed to all TSA personnel at Palm Springs International Airport, exposes for the first time an acknowledgement that the partial government shutdown -- now stretching into a third week -- is having some impact on aviation security in at least one airport.

You undermine security at the places where terrorists actually come into the country.

Yay for Trump logic!
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