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Teenager Wins Science Fair, Solves Massive Environmental Problem


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Feb 6, 2010
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It’s In the Bag! Teenager Wins Science Fair, Solves Massive Environmental Problem | Discoblog | Discover Magazine

We’ve all heard the plastic bag horror stories—the billions of bags discarded every year that wind up polluting oceans, killing wildlife and getting dumped in landfills where they take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Researchers have been wracking their brains for years to figure out a solution. But leave it to a Canadian high school student to leave them all in the dust. Daniel Burd, an 11th grader at Waterloo Collegiate Institute, has discovered a way to make plastic bags degrade in as little as three months—a finding that won him first prize at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, a $20,000 scholarship, and a chance to revolutionize a major environmental issue.

Sweet, I'd like to see how this stacks up with actually recycling the bags though.
Kid show post on his facebook HA TAKE THAT AL GORE!
Uhh, I'm sure Al Gore is pleased with this development. What are you getting at?

Bad joke from being bored while volunteering at the Obama thing in Boston today.
This happened 2.5 years ago. Are there any updates on whether this project actually solved anything?
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