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Teacher Charged After Students Pierce Ear, Stomach in Class.....


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Feb 26, 2012
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Teacher let student pierce her ear three times and pierce another student's navel in class.


April Beard, a high school teacher in Pennsylvania, allegedly allowed a student to pierce Beard's ear and then another student's stomach -- in class.

Beard, 34, was charged with endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors, police said. Court records show she also was charged with body piercing of a minor.

According to Carroll Township Police, on April 16, Beard took a "handful" of students into a project room, and left the rest of the students in the classroom. Chief Sean Kapfhammer said a student with a piercing kit was then allowed to pierce Beard's left ear three times and then pierce another student's belly button.

Police said Beard paid the student $20 and gave her a homemade necklace as payment for the piercings. Beard then told the students, "What just happen(ed) here does not leave the room," according to charging documents.

Read more: Teacher charged after students pierce ear, stomach in class - UPI.com

She resigned her position. I can't believe she did this in the school. Her attorney says a lapse in judgment and she lost a career. That she did not know it was illegal for her to get pierced. Well she knew it was for the other kid.
.....looks like we all agree on this one, huh?
Not too bright.

Not much else to say.
I would love to pierce April Beard with my mighty sword.

Oooh yeah!

Barack H. "Barry" Obama, Keeper Of The Flame

Well.....unless he has the TV remote on him. :lol:
Any moment now, this will become Obama's fault.:)

How can it be? It's clearly fallout from the illegal war Bush started.
What a dumb ass teacher. What's wrong with people anyway? :confused:
Pretty cute, isn't she. Maybe she can open a piercing business or be a $1000 escort instead of teaching, a thankless job.

That's the teacher??!!

I'd have never got anything done in that class.
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