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Tancredo to make third-party bid for Colorado governor


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Former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R) is launching a bid for Colorado governor as an American Constitution Party candidate, a development that further adds to the Democratic edge in the race to replace retiring Gov. Bill Ritter (D).

The Republican Party is eating it's own this year, a year that promised huge gains for them, in light of Obama's weak performance at the helm. Polling shows that, without Tancredo, the race is neck and neck. With Tancredo in it, this now should turn into an easy Democratic victory, as he is estimated to siphon off about 10% of the Republican vote from the Republican contender, who is to be decided on August 10.

And here is what this year's performance by the GOP is amounting to - Opportunity lost, due to running unelectable candidates, when halfway decent candidates would spell victory. Case in point: Nevada, where nutcase Sharron Angle is being run against hapless Harry Reid. What would have been a sure victory with the right candidate is looking more like a tough loss every day. In Kentucky, it is neck and neck between Rand Paul and Jack Conway. This race is a case where you have a very decent Republican running for Senate, who has but a single flaw, foot in mouth disease.

Although things can change between now and election day, and I hope they do, the GOP is reminding me of what the Democrats used to be - Unelectable. With the Dems, it was war between the mainstream and Liberals. This year, it is war between mainstream Republicans and Conservatives. The connection? Going extreme, and losing the Independents. It happened with the far left Liberals, and it could very well happen with the far right Conservatives. Yes, Conservatives have a great message to send to politically middle America, but that message is being drowned out by the extremists. The answer for them is Ronald Reagan. He brought Democrats, Republicans, and Independents together, at a time when the "my way or the highway" approach by Liberals sealed their doom for a decade. IMHO, the "my way or the highway" approach is not going to work here either. Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have more than 50% of the votes in their pockets, and without the Independent vote, they won't have it now. The GOP needs a new strategy, one that embraces the middle, if they want to pull off a giant victory here. And face it, with Obama's performance the last two years, Republicans can do it. To be pragmatic, in a time where pragmatism rules, means that a message of "Conservatism in moderation" is a winning hand. Republicans, play that hand and you will win.

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I dislike Tancredo, more then the vast majority of US politicians

He is in my honest opinion a bigot of the highest order
I like Tom Tancredo. Seeing how most of the accusations come from pro-illegals, I seriously doubt those claims are true. In pro-illegals speak "racist" means anyone opposed to illegal immigration. If Tancredo is genuinely running as a 3rd party candidate then good for him and I hope he wins.
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