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Taiwan-China name row erupts at Tokyo film festival


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Apr 24, 2005
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TOKYO (AFP) – China's delegation to the Tokyo International Film Festival protested angrily over the name used by Japanese organisers for participants from Taiwan, event officials and Chinese state media said Monday.

Amid conflicting reports Chinese newspapers said that Beijing's delegation had pulled out of the event in protest after festival organisers refused to change the name of the island's contingent from "Taiwan" to "China's Taiwan" or "Chinese Taipei".

The silly Chinese are at it again. Will they ever grow up?

Their timing was also pretty lousy. The China-friendly KMT has even had to vocally criticize this action with elections one month away and the fear that they could get pounded at the polls. This has received a lot of play in local Taiwanese media and has the potential to turn two of the five races coming up which are quite close.

The Chinese don't seem to understand that the vast majority of Taiwanese do not consider themselves "compatriots" and fully blame the Chinese delegation for their crude behavior. And this is hardly the first time the Chinese have been so crude, merely the latest example.

Now, of course, the Sino-bots and their buddies will defend the actions of the Chinese, but really, the actions and claims of the Chinese Communist government are indefensible.
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