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Syria and Turkey


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Dec 19, 2018
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I think that Turkey is strong enough to take care of the situation and US troops are not required to bring peace
in Syria. I believe that Trump is correct in withdrawing troops.
ISIS was born on their very doorstep. Should they push all the Kurds away, Endrogen will have zero advanced warning when his majority Kurdish population in the 75% of his nation will be infiltrated with foreigners.
Can 2000 American soldiers defeat the ISIS? America should either increase its force, or get away.
There is no way Turkey will end that long term multiple way civil war in Syria anytime soon.

But that is not really what is happening here, all Trump did was give another concession to Russia via al-Assad. It will open the flood gates for Syria to have more direct attacks on civilians opposed to him. And the other thing this does is allow Turkey to up their game going after the Kurds.

This is not about peace, at all.

But to the OP’s point, it is not like the US has enough presence in Syria to ensure an outcome anyway.
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