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Suspension of Private Charter Flights between the United States and Cuba


Feb 26, 2020
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Suspension of Private Charter Flights between the United States and Cuba - United States Department of State

(Today, I requested that the Department of Transportation suspend private charter flights to all Cuban airports, including Havana. This action will suspend all charter flights between the United States and Cuba over which the Department of Transportation exercises jurisdiction, except for authorized public charter flights to and from Havana

The Cuban military and intelligence services own and operate the great majority of hotels and tourism infrastructure in Cuba. We urge travelers of all nationalities to consider this and to make responsible decisions regarding travel to Cuba. )

Cuba is slowly losing a lifeline as Venezuela collapses - Los Angeles Times

(To ease some of the pain, the Cuban government also has raised public salaries and pensions for more than 2 million people, which the government said will be financed -- at least in part -- by budget cuts it has not specified.

The average monthly salary went up to 1,067 pesos. (About $39 dollars US)

(This is what democrats want for America)

I will crawl over broken glass In Nov to vote for Trump again!
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