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Suspend the Rules, and Clean the Basement


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Aug 27, 2005
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Houston, TX
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I have noticed a lot of words with asterisks in the Basement, and that gives me an idea. Suspend all the rules, and encourage people post their vilest and worst language in all the forums. It will end up cleaning up the language, not only in the basement, but make this whole forum, even the basement, perfect for the kids too. Before you say I am crazy, let me give you an example:

xxxx xx xxxxx said:
x xxx xx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxx x xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx.

xxx, xxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxx, xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx, x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx. xxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx x xxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.

See what I mean?
I thought this was why we kept Galenrox?
galenrox said:
what? I thought I was kept around for my insight and intellect


I always thought we kept you around because of your shyness and humility...:doh
I thought they kept you around because...because...I guess...eh?
galenrox said:
go ahead, you can say it...cause I rock harder than anyone who has ever lived EVER!

Even Jodi Whatley? Cameo? Rick Astley?....Tears for Fears?
galenrox said:
Tears for Fears is close, since they rock REAL ****ing hard, but yeah, I still rock harder.

SHOUT, SHOUT...let it all out...

These are the thing galenrox can do without...Come on...

I'm talking to galenrox, so come on!.....
galenrox said:
In violent times, you must admit that GALEN ROX
As cold as ice, but still not as cool as Galen cause GALEN ROX

I totally don't know the words.

We should just do this to all songs...

Remember "I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister?

Well, Galen Rox!(ROX!)
Said Galen Rox!(ROX!)

Turn it down he say, well all I gotta say is Galen tells you not to play you say no!(NO!)...nono, nono, no...
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