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Survey for politically interested Twitter users



Hi everyone,

I'm currently writing my phd. The study on www.twitter-survey.com is being conducted in the context of my dissertation. If you have a Twitter account it would be a great help if you may take part in the survey.

The goal of the questionnaire is to investigate personal behavior of politically interested people on Twitter. You will be asked several questions related to your demographics and your Twitter usage. Furthermore, an experiment will follow. You will see a Twitter page and be required to act as if you were on your Twitter account.

All in all, the survey should take approximately 30 minutes. In return for completing the questionnaire you can win a USD 300 voucher and receive the outcomes if you are interested.

When you don't have a Twitter account you could help by recommending the survey to acquaintances, friends or colleagues that might meet the criteria.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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