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Surprise! RNC’s ‘Women Vote Trump’ Event Fails To Attract Many Women

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Surprise! RNC's 'Women Vote Trump' Event Fails To Attract Many Women


Quite the ladies man...:lamo:lamo
A joke right? No one sitting upright and able to type can be this simple.. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Trump doesn't need many women anyway, even as ridiculous as your little picture tries to depict he doesn't.... like he doesn't need many blacks, like he doesn't need "many" latinas. He just needs "enough."

Florida, the "prize" has a large population of self respecting latinas, you know them, the ones that are here legally, and more importantly, allowed to vote. And self respecting latinas don't like free loading, line jumping, illegals any more than Trump does.
A dynamic no one is paying attention to.
He can count on Florida to tilt his way. Penn will go Trump because Hillary has demonized that entire region and their coal mining wage earning lifestyles. Ohio is all that is left to make people start practicing saying "President Trump, are you aware that you have the most attractive first family of all time"
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