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Supreme Court sides with death row inmate in racial discrimination case (1 Viewer)


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Aug 27, 2005
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Washington (CNN)The Supreme Court ruled Monday morning in favor of a death row inmate in a case concerning race discrimination in jury selection.

Timothy Tyrone Foster, an African-American, is on death row in Georgia for the 1987 murder of an elderly white woman, Queen Madge White. The jury that convicted him was all white. Twenty years after his sentence his attorneys obtained notes the prosecution team took while it was engaged in picking a jury, including marking potential jurors who were black had a "b" written by their name.

This is a shame, because the man is guilty as sin. But because of a racist prosecutor, this grief for the family of the victim has been compounded and will continue until the man is once again convicted, and pays the final price for his crime. I truly believe that, because the family of the victim must endure more suffering, they should be able to sue the State of Georgia for prosecutorial misconduct.

The only justice to disagree with the decision was Clarence Thomas.

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