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Supreme Court Affirms One Person, One Vote


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May 6, 2012
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Sarasota, Florida
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Supreme Court Affirms One Person, One Vote

“The Supreme Court ruled against a challenge to a decades long practice used in drawing political maps, saying states may continue to divide legislative seats according to total population rather than limiting representation to citizens or voters,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“The decision is a blow to conservative activists who argued the Constitution forbids counting immigrants or prisoners who lack the right to vote… A contrary ruling would have upended the practice in nearly every state, which since the one-person, one-vote principle was established in the 1960s, have divided legislative districts according to total population.”

The ruling was unanimous………..

And voided another voter suppression law……….

Have you figured out that the GOP knows with the changing demographics the possibility of wining an election without changing policy is nil……….and one of the ways they plan to “even the odds so to speak…………………by cheating…………. don’t let folks vote who might vote democratic…………suppress the vote
I guess the other three threads weren't enough.
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