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Super Succulant Silicon, Sucks in Space


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Sep 30, 2005
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Just thought this was funny:

"Boob Job Ban In Space
Updated: 10:50, Wednesday March 29, 2006

Women with boob jobs may be banned from Virgin's space flights.

Bosses fear the implants may expand and burst due to cabin pressure, according to The Sun.

More than 157 people have paid £115,000 each to travel into space on the Virgin Galactic space "shuttle".

Spokesman Will Whitehorn said: "We've discovered there may well be issues with breast augmentation.

"We're not sure whether they could stand the trip - they could well explode."

People with heart or circulation problems may also be ruled out.

The first trips are due in early 2008 and will have room for only seven or eight people.

Celebrity passengers include former Dallas actress Victoria Principal.

Virgin is also in talks to get 75-year-old Star Trek actor William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk."


What about the inflatable kind? :rofl
Mythbusters exposed this as a myth before, but that was only at pressure at 35,000 feet...They found no evidence at that pressure that this is true...

"Space", according to the rules that the craft that Virgin sponsored adhered to when they first broke the record was at 100,000 feet...

I don't know of any scientific evidence that says this is possible...
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