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Sunday At the Open


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Jun 23, 2014
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Unlike everything else that transpired between Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson on Sunday at Royal Troon, hardly anybody noticed a certain fleeting moment early in the round.

As fans scrambled for position and announcers began dusting off superlatives that have seldom been used in golf, the pair walked off the fourth tee box at the 145th Open Championship as Stenson absent-mindedly pitched a banana peel into the knee-high fescue.

Birdies littered his wake, too.

In the most spectacular final-round duel in modern major championship history, Stenson finished 20 under to become the first Swedish male to win a major championship. He amassed 10 birdies, obliterated a handful of notable Grand Slam records and closed with an almost indescribable 63.

Stenson, 40, didn’t have much choice.

Even with his record-torching pyrotechnics, he barely outlasted Mickelson, a five-time major winner who nearly kept pace and finished three shots back. Indeed, in his 25th season as a pro, Mickelson posted the lowest round of his majors career and somehow got whipped.

Dazzling Henrik Stenson-Phil Mickelson Duel at British Open an Instant Classic | Bleacher Report

my wife who is not a golf fan watched it with me....it was mesmerizing.

Stenson and Mickelson were playing so well, and the rest of the field couldnt drop a putt if they tried it seemed.

So the network stayed on these two...it was the show...and it was incredible

it was like no other match i have ever seen in my life....each trying to see if and when the other would falter....and neither did

Phil didnt win, but played like a champion....and acted very gracious in defeat at the end. Stenson....well at the ripe old age of 40, he wins his first major, and it took an epic round to do it...

Well done to both....incredible drama, incredible tourney
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