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Sudanese officials welcome German civil society groups


Apr 25, 2016
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May 15, 2016 (KHARTOUM) - Sudanese officials Sunday have welcomed a visit of German civil society groups to Khartoum and expressed satisfaction over the continued development of relations at all levels between the two countries.
Headed by the former MP and CUD member, Rudolf Decker, who chairs a foundation promoting peace making in Africa, the German delegation is visiting Sudan at the invitation of the International People"s Friendship Council (IPFC), a pro-government institution.

During a meeting with the visiting group on Sunday, Presidential Assistant Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid praised relations between Germany and Sudan and pointed to the important role of public diplomacy to strengthening these relations.

Also, the German delegation met with National Assembly Speaker Ibrahim Ahmed Omer who applauded the steady development of the Sudanese-German relations.

Omer further expressed the readiness of Sudanese parliament to support the efforts of the two peoples to achieve common interests.

Sudan"s relations with Germany have improved since several years as Khartoum counts on the European country to support its effort to normalize its relations with the western world.

Germany also is playing an important role to end armed conflicts in Sudan and promote democratic reforms in the east African country.

Recently Sudan vowed to cooperate with Germany to stop illegal migration from the Horn of Africa countries to Europe.
source: sudantribune.com


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