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Stupid things politicians say...


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Sep 21, 2009
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Sometimes the ones we elect to public office - the best and the brightest - say some really stupid things. Things that sound stupid even to their own supporters. What are your favourite examples?

Here are two of mine

"Denmark is too small a linguistic area for a ballet" - Progress Party MP Kristen Poulsgaard.

The law on how pension savings are to be divided in the case of a divorce was changed a few years back, allegedly to give women better and more equal results. However the statistics clearly showed that women as a group were doing worse with the new law. When confronted with this discrepancy conservative minister of family affairs Henriette Kjær defended the law, claiming that women benefited because the statistics didn't "say anything about the single family".
the stupidest things i hear politicians say are "the truth is" and "in all honesty"
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