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Student sues school district for $2 million over Facebook bikini photo

Seems like a dumb thing for the school to do, but this appears to be an obvious money grab by the former student. $2 million dollars for something you willingly decided to share with the world? Yeah, right. This just seems greedy to me.
If that little skank cared about other people seeing the picture she wouldn't have posted it on facebook. Hopefully she gets jack squat.

I see no reason to refer to her in such degrading terms.

I do see a few possible legal issues here, but nothing that comes close to two million dollars worth. There are issues of copyright and personality rights that could arise out of this use of her image without her permission. On that basis, the school was clearly wrong to use her picture without her permission, and she may indeed rightfully be entitled to some compensation for this unauthorized use.

Also, a possible contractual issue she could take up with FaceBook if they misrepresented how widely her image would be displayed, when she posted it.

I don't buy any arguments about her being humiliated or embarrassed by having her picture shown to a group strangers. She obviously had no problem with appearing in public wearing that bikini, where she was surely seen by many strangers, nor with posting the picture on FaceBook to be seen by her friends.
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