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Strength in Submission

This is something I found on Kajira.Org that I really like.

I discovered:

Strength can be biting down on your lip when the time is right,
and putting aside your defensiveness or hurt ego to reach a higher goal.

Strength can be accepting responsibility for the consequences of your actions,
even when it's easier just to lay low and wait for the consequences to pass.

Strength can be loving unconditionally- just to be allowed to express that emotion-
without holding back to see if the person returns it.

Strength can be when you know yourself to be lost and admitting it,
and begging for guidance instead of trying to wing it.

Strength can be being absolutely honest with yourself,
even when the answers are the ones you cannot bear to hear.

Slavery is a challenging life. No matter how natural and fulfilling it is to the person, it also takes tenacity, dedication, drive, humility, flexibility and the ability to learn from mistakes.

If I was weak, I would deny who I am in order to live a life that is simpler and provides more comforts and rights than slavery does. I'd succumb to society's pressures to be an independent entity, to strive for the attributes that society rewards. I would not find the internal strength to bare myself, vulnerable and exposed, to others. I would deny my personal accountability. I would hide behind an external shield of false bravado. I would be ashamed of my tears.

Discovering who I truly am has given me strength. Truth gives those who recognize and embrace it an inner strength, enabling them to go places where fears normally inhibit them. Inner strength cannot be stolen, or taken, or traded. It is constant, present with every breath, as much a part of self expression as one's own slavery is. It gives me the ability to strive to please when I am frightened, to know when pride is interfering with my service, to know and embrace myself.

The men I am drawn to serving are the kind of men who do not need to push me down or weaken me in order to make them feel powerful. They are strong because that is the kind of men they already were, before I ever entered the picture. Even as a strong woman, they inspire me to kneel before them.


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Mar 8, 2008
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I really enjoyed reading this.


Feb 1, 2010
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Beautiful and honest. You are what helps us move together for a time. And it is you, who bring out the most in our shared compassion for your individual nature and the spirit of delight. Your needs move," the thing that drives us all". All the while we make you feel like-" the clay of loves torturous mold".
Thank you.
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