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Strange Days

Everybody has stats, graphs, charts, studies, professional advice and news sources. They're all conflicting and variable with different viewpoints and skewed data. Thru social media, online publications, cable news networks, internet news sources, journals, blogs, magazines, etc, etc the information is endless, contradictory and befuddling. Everyone is an authority and expert, yet we're only getting part of the picture in most cases. Common sense is becoming less common, and reasoning has taken a train out of town. There is no rational discourse or acceptance of known knowns, only endless arguing of narrow viewpoints and entrenched partisan rhetoric.

To say this is making everything more confusing is an understatement. We're living in the false delusion of being full of superior knowledge. We Google it, copy & paste it, then quickly discard it from view and memory. We have become legendary geniuses in our own minds, incapable of learning from each other, because we know-it-all. When in truth, we're becoming more and more lost. Ever learning but never coming to the truth. Our collective learning used to be shared with each other but now it's a verbal sword to attack anyone who dares differ with our opinion. Wisdom and emotional maturity are part of what makes an individual smart, not just IQ and technical knowledge. Information alone is not power but the experience to know what to do with it is.

We're living in strange times, facing dire consequences. A deadly disease is rampaging through society, leaving us scared and overwhelmed. In time, things will work themselves out and follow their course, though how we proceed from there is unchartered territory. None of us plan to fail, we fail to plan, and that's how we got here. The only way to get out of hell is to go straight through it. So, gird up your loins, put on your armor and steel your resolve but most of all open your heart. Be kind and fair to your neighbor because behind that smiling face could be a broken soul. And, right now, we need each more than ever before.


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May 5, 2019
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Staten Island, NY USA
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The 'spin' added to almost any news is, I agree, disheartening. With a background in statistics, I've taken to using a single source for raw basic data and working from there. I do what I can to protect myself and my loved ones from infection. Given my age [advanced], a useful evaluation of doing something outside the house begins with, 'Is this worth giving up the rest of my life?' It's surprising how often the answer's 'No, it's not.' Regards, stay safe and be well.
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