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Steven Crowder on gun control after Orlando (1 Viewer)


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May 22, 2012
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For someone like me or someone who respects the Second Amendment or due process, it’s silly,” he said. “It requires an uninformed voting base to support the measures that they’re putting forward. …They don’t want gun control, they simply want control.”

“Not a single automatic weapon was used in any of these mass shootings. Mass shootings are not on the rise. Gun crime is actually on the decrease,” he declares emphatically. “The weapons that were used were semi-automatic weapons, which includes any handgun sold, really, since the year, I don’t know, 1950. …And the legislation that they proposed would not do anything.”

“Again, this shooting in Orlando, let’s be clear. He was not on a terror watch list. He didn’t get a firearm through a ‘gun show loophole‘. It wasn’t an automatic. It wasn’t even an AR15,” says Crowder. “Everything that has been repeated in the media, including many things here in this interview, are verifiably false!”

This whole thing has become a mess, with enough obfuscation and misdirection to choke a horse. And the Democrats have exacerbated the situation by focusing on a misguided and anti-Constitutional gun control effort.

Good job, Steven Crowder.

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