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Stella Creasy: changes made to Twitter rules

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Oct 28, 2007
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Context 1: Twitter's rules "explicitly bar direct, specific threats of violence against others", the company says "manually reviewing every Tweet is not possible due to Twitter's global reach and level of activity".

Context 2: "
Ms Creasy received the abusive tweets after publicly backing feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez, who was also targeted by Twitter "trolls" following her campaign to have a woman featured on a UK banknote.Both Ms Criado-Perez and Ms Creasy received rape and death threats via Twitter."

Context 3: UK Protection From Harassment Act 1997 already exists to protect from harassment.

So - It seems Stella Creasy has managed to get Twitter to add an anti-harassment clause into its rules. These rules may or may not apply across the world but if they do - users around the world may be affected by a piece of UK law. (They can't be charged in a UK court if outside the UK.)

Question - what's to stop another government minister in another country asking for a new clause which may or may not also become part of Twitter's rules around the world? (I'm asking given Twitter's more admirable role in the Arab Spring.)

Question - Is it a good thing that Twitter had to change its rule when the more fundamental change demanded (a report abuse) button has been implemented which I believe would be more effective?

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Censorship is bad, mmmmmkay?

We've already censored the papers, the TV and ourselves in real life. Let's not censor the internet. Sure, it's the place where both wonderful things can be spoken, and also terrible things... but lets keep it free shall we?
Bomb threats on Twitter made against female journalists.

Police are investigating bomb threats made on social networking site Twitter against several female journalists.

Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman, Independent columnist Grace Dent and Time magazine's Catherine Mayer all said they had been threatened.

Anonymous account-holders tweeted that bombs had been placed outside their homes, primed to explode at 22:47 BST. Link

Now it's getting ridiculous
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