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Stats of our userbase


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I have been working on some stats for the site to show our userbase and political makeup overall. I will make the link available on the navbar shortly.

Meanwhile, if you are interested, take a gander: Debate Politics Statistics
Is this "all members currently registered"?....

This may be faulty due to the number of members that drop off after a few posts, and also members that haven't posted within the last few months...

If you go to "Quick Links/Members List", you can see a ton of people with 0,1, or 2 posts and haven't said anything in awhile...

You may get a more accurate reading if there is someway you can put a couple of parameters in, like "more than 50 posts" or "Have posted since September"...

Liberal - 44
Independant - 48
Conservative - 49

Members with 25+ posts are now counted.
Last tweek - yeah right!

Members with more than 15 posts and last activity within 90 days.
Ok, I like this count much better.

It actually feels correct. There are indeed slightly less liberals here than conservatives. But not enough to make it sway one significant direction over the other IMO. The "political leaning" is requested during signup so I think it a better indication than the Usergroup memberships overall. If someone sticks around for 15 posts, more than likely they will continue to participate - unless of course they are posted in a singular night. Then they will eventually drop off the list anyway.

We are indeed fairly well balanced in both users and in the moderation team.

*pats self on back*
vauge said:
*pats self on back*
God gives sour notes to those who toot their own horn...:2wave:
/me makes note to fire cnredd.

vauge said:
/me makes note to fire cnredd.

ya know???

Everytime the voices in my head tell me not to type, do I listen?....

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