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States rights and responsibilities: (1 Viewer)

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Jul 22, 2009
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States rights and responsibilities:

In many cases I agree with political conservatives’ contentions that many governing problems could be best dealt with by the individual U.S. states and their more local government jurisdictions.
However although they’re opposed to what they contend to be federal usurping of state’s jurisdictions, too many of them would have their states refrain from taxing and spending to effectively deal with their own problems.
In many cases they simply contend a problem should not be dealt with by government, it’s completely a matter for the individuals to deal with.

States are reluctant and possibly unable to deal with health issues that are beyond the ability of most individuals to handle. The federal government had to take the lead and must continue to do so because the states have been shirking their portions of responsibilities. This is similarly the case with regard to education and training.

There are many problems that for various reasons cannot be exclusively dealt with by our state and local governments, there are many problems that should not be directly dealt with by governments, and there are some problems that can only be dealt with on a federal level.

Respectfully, Supposn

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