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State Terrorism And Double Standards


Sep 23, 2005
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You know, I hear alot of talk about terrorist organizations like Al-Queda. But my question is, what about state terror? What about terrorist actions of governments across the world? Osama Bin Laden was trained and equipped by the CIA, he took that training and used it against the US. Noam Chomsky stated that if we were to take the US government definition of terrorism and apply it to the US government, we would find the US government to be terrorist by it's own definition. So, wouldn't it be logical, to set a good example first, before the US starts lecturing others on terrorism? The US is not the only government to participate in terrorism. Their are many other governments that saw September 11 as an opportunity to not only further their own agenda, but to increase their participation in terrorism. Like the Turks and the Kurds, the russians and the chechens and the Chinese increasing their grip on their terroritories. It seems that we have a double standards. Governments must not participate in terrorism and generally, those governments that do not participate in terrorism are not targetted by terrorist organizations. It seems, as Noam Chomsky has stated, that the best way to fight terror is not to participate in it.
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