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State of the Union


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Jan 20, 2005
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Unfortuntely, I'm going to miss Bush's state of the union speech tonight....If anyone could be so kind as to give me some kind of summary of it I'd really appreciate it. I'm especially interested in what he says about Social Security and, of course, the future of his "war on terror"...Thanks.
sorry man, I missed his state of the union address too, umm... but I heard he pissed off some liberals,(when does he not), but if i'm not misstaken his approval rating went, up...this might just be a myth, I don't know.
did somebody just reopen an 8 month old thread???...:confused: :roll:
cnredd said:
did somebody just reopen an 8 month old thread???...:confused: :roll:

I think they did, and the state of the union is one hell of a lot worse that it was 8 months ago.:(
ha ha ha then why wont someone just delete it?
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