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State of Georgia and Saakashvili incompatible



No wonder citizens of state Georgia were much relying on the visit of George Bush into their country. That kind of landlord of Bush to come from oversee and settle the thing with naughty Saakashvili - make him surrender presidency or at least exert pressure on Saakashvili to prevent him from appointing his aiders to key political offices, give the push to Okruashvili for escalation of conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia, Georgia and South Ossetia, and withdraw the discriminatory policy toward national minorities. President Bush, however, acted as if he didn't notice what was going on in Georgia. Even the failed terrorist act against him - the episode with a live grenade at Bush's speech - made no effect.

Maybe now did the Georgians start to realize that everything was up to them and no one but they themselves had to tell Saakashvili where to get off. Is that a new revolution to happen in Georgia? A genuine one, not inspired by the Western schemers...
I don’t think so. Look, Americans don’t want lose control over Georgia, that’s why they will help Saakashvili to throttle any new opposition in Georgia. The fact is that they have some plan for new power in Georgia. Saakashvili is a dummy yes, certainly they believed in him but unfortunately he didn’t live up to Bush’s hopes. And now they begin to implement the plan for Saakashvili’s substitution. The major candidate is Okruashvili. Americans suppose that he can create a new political regime (a garrison state). Saakashvili has prepared the ground for it, it was his main aim. Well, Saakashvili played his role and the wind of change has come. As I understand military junta will come to power in Georgia in future - like in most of the Latin America states - and as a result of it we will get a new state. Georgia will fall into new crisis, it will be the dead end and I don’t know if it ever gets out of it.
I can easily see that you two simply don't understand the simple things about the situation there, so all you typed in those two posts was simply a trash.
no offense or anything...
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