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State/Local???? (1 Viewer)

galenrox said:
yeah, but there's only like 4 or 5 people from Chicago, and I think only 1 other person in Iowa, those discussions would be pretty dead.

If you were to do that, you would have to have a line for every State in this country. Not a bad idea, but would the bandwidth support it?

I could tell you some real bloopers from the State that I live in.:lol:
Hrmm... I would rather go more toward regions than states. This way we could create regions for other countries as well.

Our bandwidth should be able to support ok, but like galenrox said - it might be pretty dead and dead forums are ugly.
vauge said:
it might be pretty dead and dead forums are ugly.

Remember that forum, "People who think cnredd is not the coolest thing that ever happened to this website"?

The thing went nowhere!...:cool:
We placed regional forums (International as well) at the overwhelming request of members, and after over a year....they are just starting to see activity, but not much. They do serve a purpose for actual Physical meetings, and occasional topic discussion but, we found much of the "Local" threads still ended up in General Discussion. We also ended up expanding the amount of regions to meet the demand of diverse membership, as requests came in....ending up with 11 seperate regional forums.....most are cricket breeding grounds.
Yep, I think your right on the money.

How about a "local politics" forum that could encompass whatever area a user is interested in? The forum might recieve threads about New York to LA cities and towns. International would fit there as well.

Then if an area recieves more attention than another, we branch?

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