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Squarwker and Freedom fight like cats and dogs (1 Viewer)


Jan 14, 2005
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Hey fellow debate members :D I just wanted to let you know that squawker and I fight like cats and dogs.

However I still sent him a
ECARD ( tell Squawker to show the ECARD I sent him ) :D for his birthday you see just like our members of congress both Democrats and Republicans will fight like cats and dogs on the floor of congress however MOST of them have enough class to sit down and brake bread and drink a few / several beers .....If the members of congress can do it so can we ......You may be Right I may be left but at the end of the day we should be able to sit down and brake :D bread and have a few beers together .......

Peace out

One of the few things I actually agree with you on man. :)
OH, ****! I deleted it: I didn't know that card had beer attached. :eek:

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