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Space City Music Festival in Houston, Texas


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Aug 27, 2005
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Houston, TX
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This 2 day event is being held at the Last Concert Cafe in Houston. My band, the Edison Freeman Project, is headlining the lineup today. We are calling ourselves A Return to Beauty. I would like to think we took that name today because of the bass player, but to be honest, he is one really butt ugly MF. :mrgreen: The headliner yesterday was Zachary Pearson, who was a semi-finalist in American Idol. Houston has some great musicians, including Warhol (Yes, they are relatives of Andy Warhol), who put on a great show yesterday.

We go on at 10:30PM tonight (Sunday). If you live in the Houston area, come by and say hi. You will recognize me by my shirt which says "Don't underestimate an old man with a bass guitar". :)

Here is a link to the event
. Hoping to meet a few DP online friends in real life. :)
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