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As I understand it we live in the United States of America. The states are separate and Sovereign yet united under a mutually beneficial compact with the understanding that they will all provide for the protection and free trade between the states. The federal government has become too big for its britches. The state and local government was supposed to handle the social and financial issues that have to most impact on your life. The federal government is supposed to handle the defense and make sure that the states play nice. If things were the way that they should be the states could decide on things like gay marriage, drugs, abortion, and all other social issues. If you did not agree with the issues in one state you could simply move to a state that you do agree with. This way the people truly get to decide. As it is now the federal government decides every issue and imposes it will on the states. For example California has made marijuana legal for medical purposes yet you can still be prosecuted under federal law. We need to restore the sovereignty of the states. As things stand we are headed in reverse, we are going back to the days of governmental dominance over the people’s lives. The reason that this country is great is that the government is controlled by the people. If we allow this country to become like the rest of the world than the grand experiment will be a failure.
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