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Southern Hillbilly on who he thinks is one of the greatest Republican presidents.


I like IKE. I'm pretty sure that I like him a whole hell of a lot more than today's Democrats. I can blow my hand up and still have trouble using the fingers that are left to name the Democrats, in any office, that I actually respect . . . and that's supposedly my side of the fence.

I think that we all know about his warning about the rise of the military-industrial-complex. Are we listening yet? Are we yet done with letting the patriotic pride and convictions of our brave youths become exploited by those who lust for money and power while proclaiming to have the country's best interests at heart? There is no support of the troops among the warmongers and the profiteers---only support of money and power at the expense of the truly virtuous.

It is clear to me that neither party, in this day in age, is an arbiter of peace. In an age where we're neither of the two relevant parties are beholden to represent us, it is us up to us, we the people, to take what ever measures are neccessary to pressure, bully, and coerce our suppossed representatives away from policies rooted in greed.

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Beau of the Fifth Column? Hmm?

When I found out he has roots in Florida, I took a bit more interest in him! I put an asterisk by Floridians from the Panhandle.

As a True & Blue Floridian, I'd lock arms with all colors of Floridians, regardless of age or ideologies, except for folks from that part of Florida west of Tallahassee (cut out the little county called Gadsden... only majority Black county out of Florida's 67 counties) also known as Lower Alabama and the Panhandle. For the right price, I'd sell that beautiful part of Florida to Alabama!

Some links to peek into 'Beau's' past:

#07-967: 12-04-07 Florida Man Convicted of Visa Fraud and Alien Smuggling Conspiracy Charges
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My compliments to Justin King for finding a nitch and followers!
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