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South Africa ex-police head Selebi guilty of corruption


Somewhere in Babylon
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Jan 12, 2010
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BBC News - South Africa ex-police head Selebi guilty of corruption

Finally, some justice in my country... for too long public officials have gotten away with everything and anything however, he was hung out to dry and many still escape corruption charges, and to think this guy was head of INTERPOL!

The only thing that once again concerns me is punishment... no country in the world mandates Rape as a punishment nor the Death Penalty, but BOTH will happen to him when he gets put in prison, unless he's seperated somewhere else... which is likely. I want him to have to sit in a cell and think about how he has disgraced our nation with his theiving ways, and I want other corrupt officials and politicians to join him! They're getting away with too much.
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